Hayden Pailthorpe

Experience:B.Ex. & Sports Science & M.Clin.ExPhys

Email:[email protected]

Hayden Pailthorpe

Exercise Physiologist


How long have you been working for MVMT Rehab?
I have been working for MVMT for 5 months now.

What experience are you bringing from other jobs?
I was a rehabilitation consultant for 1 year prior to starting my role at MVMT Rehab, assisting
clients in their return to work journey. So I can empathise on how difficult some
injuries/situation can be.

What is your passion as clinical AEP/in your role with MVMT?
To assist clients to recover as much as possible to ensure they can return to completing most
tasks they could prior to their injury.

What is your hobby / What do you like doing outside of work?
I play Ice hockey for the Newcastle hockey team, I also love spending time at the beach with my
fiancé and our pup Pablo.

Dog or Cat?
Dog- named Pablo