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Jess Brown

Exercise Physiologist | B.Clin.ExPhys.


How long have you been working for MVMT Rehab?
1.5 years

What experience are you bringing from other jobs?
Previous experience was hospital-based, so I have had a fair amount of exposure to early stage
rehab in joint replacements and/or reconstructions, along with mobility and gait retraining,
reconditioning programs, respiratory/cardiac rehab and neurological rehab.

What is your passion as clinical AEP/in your role with MVMT?
I just want to help people recover from their injury/condition as efficiently and effectively as
possible, so as they can get back to living their life!

What is your hobby / What do you like doing outside of work?
Outside of work, you’ll generally find me on, at or nearby the water/boat.

Dog or Cat?
Always DOG!